iPhone 7 Headphones Adapter [Support IOS10.3 or Under IOS10.3] iPhone 7 Plus Adapter, Support Call& Listen&Charge, Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Charger Adapter

Note: you must connect to bluetooth first when you use headphones, Please select LA003BT (bluetooth name) Note: Please select LA003BT when you (mic)call . iPhone 7 Headphones Adapter with Mic is Light, Robust and Discreet, Provides Perfect Connection! [Features] 1. Support Microphone, phone call, users can enjoy the fun of answering the phone call while charging. 2. Perfect Design for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Due to iPhone 7 design without 3.5mm AUX, most of the headphone cannot be used for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus. This product perfect solved this problem. Enjoy music with your fond headphone! 3. Listening and Charging Same Time: It supports simultaneous charging and audio output, so users can enjoy the fun of listening to music while charging. 4. High Fidelity Sound-Compatible for iPhone product which lightning jack for 3.5mm audio earphone. 5. EASY TO CARRY: Easy to put it in your bag / pocket. Enjoy music with your favorite headphone any time. [How to use] 1. Open your phone Bluetooth Search and connect with Adapter Bluetooth which is named “LA003BT” 2. Use 3.5mm lightning headphones to connect with adapter 3.5mm audio jack, then can listen to music, make and answer calls 3. Support Apple 3.5mm earphone remote control such as Play/Pause, Vol+/Vol-, Prev/Next 4. When there is call, Press earphone PAUSE key one time to answers calls, Press PAUSE key 2 second to make a call that you last called.

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